Shines and Saves


Long ago I'm reminded........about a special Valentines Day; I turned to my Savior, and gladly gave my heart away. A love so pure.......none can compare to The King; My sweet precious Jesus Christ, to me He's everything.   You have love for your children, right from...

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Valentine’s Day Ambush

Valentine's Day always brings to mind the year I was ambushed! I was a senior in High School.Yet, prior to my teen years mother was in charge of Valentine merriment. There was always a sweet card, possibly a small knick-knack of some sort, and always something...

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The Sweet Valentine

The sweetest Valentine I know Gave us His own life, long ago. He withstood the torture and the pain So that His loss would be our gain.   There's no love greater, that I can see, Than the One who gave His life for me. His finest gift and sacrifice Has given us Eternal...

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Will You Be Mine?

It’s February 14th, a day filled with love,But do you know the greatest - the one from above?”For God so loved the world”, my dear Valentine,That He gave His Son to say, “Will YOU be mine?”He gave us no pretty roses with all their thorns,But upon His dear head, they...

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A Broken Heart

She walked into the room and his eyes lit up.She didn't have to say a word. Just being there was proof enough that she loved him. They had both lost someone they loved. So this day, of all days, was a difficult one. She wanted to make this work. She was hurt, lonely...

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My Funny Valentine

He has shoe-button eyes and a perfect bandit face, and he seldom leaves my side. No bones about it, I'm his first love. He wants nothing more than to lay in my arms or look into my eyes. He would die for me. His name is Happy Dog, and nothing gives him greater joy...

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Valentine’s Day