Dear Jesus

My Confident

Lord, I don't know what I'd doWithout You by my side.You're my help, in times of trouble;My confidant and guide.When I feel so overwhelmed, Lord,By these troubles that I bear,You lift these burdens from meWhen I kneel to You in prayer.When I pray for You to...

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His Abiding Grace

His abiding grace and amazing loveWas sent to us from up above.Nothing could ever take the placeOf Our Savior's love and abiding grace. This enduring grace will make you whole,Forgive your sins, and save your soul.It covers every transgression without leaving a...

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Great I Am

There's so much pain and suffering, Lord;Things that I don't understand.But, it's not for me to questionBecause You're 'The Great I Am'. There's so many tears and heartachesWhile we travel down life's road;As Satan wreaks havoc and destructionIn this world, down here,...

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Infinite Power

Lord, I saw Your face on the hillside, When I looked up toward the trees. I heard Your voice in a songbird, As it fluttered in the evening breeze.   I felt Your touch from a butterfly, That landed on my right arm. Then, I saw Your beauty, in a blanket of lilies, Near...

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The Plea for Restoration

Lord, You just keep knocking on our hearts door, But, some refuse to listen so they blindly ignore. How long will You remain until Your tired of trying, When You keep calling out the name of a nation whose denying?   Lord, this world is in such deep sorrow. There is...

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Down in the Valley

HTML clipboard Don't you worry, fret, or pout; God is in control, He will work things out. Just trust in Him and seek His plans Because, we know, our fate is in His hands.   God knows how it feels to suffer loss. He felt it, too, when Jesus died on the cross. He knows...

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My Heart Is Singing

The fog is hanging low, tonight, Outside my window sill. Though it looks bleak and wearisome, My heart is singing, still ...   Because I know the Lord is with me, No matter what the weather. We'll still be walking hand in hand; Just Him and me together.  ...

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Vickie Lambdin