One Note, One Word

"Daddy let me play a song for you!" The young child said."Sure my love," her Daddy replied.The child positioned herself in front of the piano, carefully placed her fingers over the keys and played one note.Turning her head toward her father, she smiled as she waited...

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I felt lost. I could tell by the way the conversation was going I didn't belong there. It was out of my league, I thought. They were talking about the stock market. So many ordinary people in the past few years became millionaires because of simple investment...

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That's God telling me to write this story for over a week now.Then He finally got my attention when my friend, Stacey Bronner mentioned blue potatoes in a post she wrote about nutrition.Purple Sweet potatoes.Blue potatoes.A yellow watermelon.Purple carrots.How about...

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Oh Deer

I'll give you the moral to this story right up front.God multiplies what you ask for in faithfulness.I have been blessed with a garden where I can sit for hours, work for days and that spending time there comes back to me a hundredfold.We have birds of all kinds that...

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Shake It Off

There have been more good things happening in my life than bad. Sometimes, however, we choose to focus only on the bad. The good we take for granted.Don't!Today my car wouldn't start. Then my computer.It's the second time in about a week that the car wouldn't start. I...

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To Much on My Start Menu

I used to have a problem falling asleep at night because I had so much on my mind.Even though I was tired, yawning and could hardly keep my eyes open, I still could not fall asleep.Why?I brought too much to bed with me.I couldn't leave all my troubles and worries just...

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The Trail Left Behind

It's often referred to as the path we take or the road one travels through life. In doing so we give the impression that it may have been smooth or well-worn.I am here to tell you that whenever I look back at the trail left behind I see it pitted and potholed for...

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Bob Perks