How to Live a Worry-Free Life

Back in 1970, my parents, my brother age 16 and I age 17 dismissed the 100 degree whether on that 4th of July in St. Louis. Our focus was fixed on that important day that would change our lives. We entered the courtroom. A hush filled the air and the huge, red, white...

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I live with one of gods children. Lori Jenkins was born with flavimaculatus (congenital retinal abiatrophy) (deteriation of the retna) ever since a younger age she has been loosing her sight and has two siblings with the same disease. She was sent away to the Ohio...

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Worth Trusting

I have a friend who’s bold, delightfully bold. She told me one day, “Janet, you’re crazy, really nuts to go flying across the country without being able to see a thing!”“Sheesh, I love traveling!” I said, stifling my laugh at her silly concern.“What if someone takes...

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Three Secrets to Finding Strength

All banks closed. Too bad. Airport shut down, that’s life. No water or electricity, sorry!That was our hometown in Bolivia each time a revolution exploded. Not far from us, only blocks from where we lived. Now, they are but ugly memories from the past.But recently, my...

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Apples of Sadness

In the craziness of life, who has time to worry about other’s problems? We have our own to keep us awake at night.Do you agree, dear friend? Lately, life is rolling way too fast with issues, unresolved conflicts and gloom that won’t go away.So, facing all this, you...

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Is It Rotten? Or Just Right?

My Mom grabbed my hand. “Honey, honey. Don’t eat that.”I halted my chewing and gave her a look of shock.What could have rattled her so much? When she came into my room, I was at my desk following my morning routine: the screen reader read Psalm 34 to me, I delighted...

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How to Become Rich

Rosa and I stood at the entry way of a home in Bolivia. I placed a brand new Bible in her hands and hugged her tight. I patted her over her thick black braids that cascaded down her back. “I feel different,” Rosa said, “I feel free.” Calmness and reassurance rang in...

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Janet Eckles