Daddy … Who’s Jesus?

Saviour of All Men

He inherited His’ Mother’s eyes and His’ Father’s amazing glory;He was sent down to earth to spread God’s holy story. No longer Mary’s child ... but the Savior of all men;He came from the Father to take away our sins. Our gentle Shepherd, the Leader of the human...

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They Stumbled Over the Stone

The tomb they tried to keep closed, but they stumbled over the stone;They wanted to keep it a secret that Jesus Christ was gone. Roman soldiers placed on guard knowing it meant their life;I wonder if they finally realized that it was the Son of God, this Jesus Christ....

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What Happened at Christmas

What happened to Christmas, where did it go?From the birth of a Savior, to all glitter and show.Does anyone truly remember what this season was meant to be;The blessed birth of a Redeemer, not for sitting on Santa’s knee.Oh where is Christmas, the one I long for;It...

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The World Was Out of Sync

The world went out of sync the day they crucified my Lord;They couldn’t let him go … it’s something Pontius Pilot couldn’t afford. God sent His’ only begotten Son our beloved Jesus Christ;He was the one and only one who could ever pay the price. I believe the world...

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To some, Easter is a new beginning……a time for reflection;For the asking it can be a new beginning all because of a special crucifixion. Some think about new clothes, pretty hats and colored eggs to be found;The Lamb of God gave up His life…..His precious blood...

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What is a Mother?

What is a Mother, but the first love of your’ life;She is a daughter, a sister, an Aunt, and a wife. She has the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon;The beauty of Bathsheba and the understanding of Ruth. She has superhuman qualities, can do a hundred things and...

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God Looked Down From Heaven

God looked down from Heaven and knew this was not the world He created for man;Since Adam and Eve’s time His children moved far away from His’ perfect plan. Will You smite them, the angels asked all together in one voice;No said God……..after all I did give them...

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Pat Finn