Birthday Cards With Secret Codes

Thanksgiving Reflections

Annually, the first part of November finds me wandering down memory lane as I fumble through my untidy batch of recipes. You see, my recipes are not neatly filed away on my computer, nor are they alphabetized in a cute recipe box; they are an embarrassing hodgepodge...

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Special Time

What an embrace! Dad was holding on tight and stroking my back as we said goodbye. Over the past few years, it seems we both hang on a bit longer each time we part.The sun was just about to show its face on the horizon, and Dad was ready to head north for Kansas. It...

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Valentine’s Day Ambush

Valentine's Day always brings to mind the year I was ambushed! I was a senior in High School.Yet, prior to my teen years mother was in charge of Valentine merriment. There was always a sweet card, possibly a small knick-knack of some sort, and always something...

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March Madness Angel

March brings an array of thoughts and emotions about my mother. I have poignant moments of reflection, as it's the month she passed away. But I also have entertaining thoughts that put a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye.Mother was a sports fans from the word...

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A Shortcut to the Cemetery

It was a beautiful spring morning, in the early 1970's, as Cecil headed out the door for work. He'd almost made a clean getaway, when he heard his wife's reminder once again. "Cecil, you haven't forgotten about the surprise party tonight have you?" Asked Del, for the...

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Kathleene S. Baker