Testing Negative


It seems that the famed scientist, A. Einstein, had more trouble finding his way home from work than ‘arriving’ at his stupefying, mind-boggling formula ‘E=MC2’.One evening as Einstein sat deep in thought aboard the train that brought him home, the ticket conductor...

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A Badge of Honor

Ever wondered, how an injury sustained in sport can be a badge of honor to a sportsman? Some years ago, I came across an interview with the ex-world boxing champion -Larry Holmes- published in a leading Sports Magazine in India (Sportstar). What caught my attention...

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The Homing Instinct

In my childhood, I remember having a neighbour who was a dog lover. He had a wonderful tall dog, which would always nuzzle up to him. We, the neighborhood children, would have great time, playing with that harmless canine. However, our “canine friend” went missing one...

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Six-Sigma Service

Indians have something to be proud of in the business field! Well for once it has nothing to with the sophisticated, suit-clad ones' taking over giant companies globally but everything to do with rustic businessmen wearing primitive dhotis and Gandhi topis! Though...

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Sight Problems?

Some years back, I went through it all! I mean of hearing the dreaded diagnosis that I have ‘sight’ problem. Whilst reflecting on that moment of discouragement some time later, the good Lord in his own way comforted me that it is good to have ‘a sight problem’ as long...

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Suresh Manoharan