Testing Negative

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Praise Report, Testimony

In the midst of only bad news about COVID-19… Here is a praise report! Please remember that COVID DNA can remain in your body after you have recovered from the illness, thus giving a person a “positive” test result, even if they have recovered… But not when God is involved! Be blessed by this praise report from Brother Suresh Manoharan from India…

Dear Friends,

Greetings! Of late panic reaction seems to be the norm in many people (thankfully not in all) if the diagnosis of being Covid positive comes their way. Media tendency of highlighting the Covid deaths of the rich and elite (having access to far better medical facilities) is not helping matters either when it comes to psyche of the majority (read middle income group).  The purpose for me putting up this message cum testimony is to ensure to the best extent possible that none of my acquaintances (of whom I am the well-wisher) would get into panic mode if they are diagnosed as Covid positive.  Now listen to my personal story

I aged 54 years with co-morbidities condition for 2 decades now got up on September 2nd morning with fever and cold. A concerned Church elder of my Church namely Bro.T.Jacob who is also our immediate neighbour (stays in the First floor of our house whereas I reside in the Ground Floor) was insistent that as a matter of abundant precaution it is better to go for a Covid Test as also the Family Doctor whom I consulted. I underwent the test the same day in M/s.Vijaya Diagnostics, Moosapet with Bro.T.Jacob taking me over there (feeling too weak to drive the car myself). The report came on Sept 3rd, 2020 that I had tested Covid Positive (Report file attached).☺🙄

Immediately as Sheba my wife and I prayerfully looked unto the Lord and committed the entire treatment process into His Hands, we can now herald from rooftops nay mountaintops that  we personally experienced the fulfillment of this Scripture portion in our lives (I am taking the liberty of posting the same)…

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus-Phillipians 4:6-7

Even as He filled our hearts with His Heavenly peace and joy (Rom 15:13). Yes, any physically tough experience would carry with it spiritual benefits like further purification at the spirit level. I am thankful to the Almighty for it.

With the onset of this Global pandemic, I had come to know about Treatment facility of Unicorpus Health Foundation (for those who opt for home quarantine) through one Dr.Sujai Suneetha my childhood acquaintance who is also one of the empanelled Doctors’ in the Said Organisation. Prompted by the good Lord, I registered myself for treatment therein. All the Doctors and the Nurses of the said organisation displayed utter professionalism and humane approach whilst treating me through periodical telephonic consultation for 14 days. The Church where I work as Pastor (since 2005…before that after graduating from Badruka College, Hyderabad…I had the privilege of serving as a Petrol Bunk Inspector in Indian Oil Corp for close to 15 years) upheld Sheba my wife and me fervently in their intercessory prayers. In our house with me confined mostly to one room, Sheba my wife undertook wonderful nursing care (with personal proper precautions…I ought to add). Had she not tested negative on Sept 4th, 2020….would/could this motherly care (with she herself being sick) come my way? Divine providence…Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

By God’s Grace, fervent intercessory prayers of the Church and the marvellous treatment of Unicorpus Health Foundation, I am now glad to report that Sheba (she also undertook the test as a precaution) and I have tested Covid NEGATIVE on Sept 21st, 2020 (Report file attached).

Corona virus came, saw and was eventually CONQUERED by God’s Grace in Jesus’ Name. 

From my experience what I want to emphasize upon is the importance of

1.Early detection…if there is any doubt…it is better to get tested…for sooner the anti-viral treatment starts the better…

2. Peace of mind…coming as a result of prayer life (in my school/college Whatsapp Groups…from Sept 2and to Sept 21st…my interactions with the Group members was marked by so much of normality and tranquility in my behaviour…(they who did not know that I was Covid-infected and was in home quarantine) that they responded (some call me Rev knowing I am a Pastor) spontaneously thus when they came to know I was sick and I had recovered:

23/09, 11:16] Suresh Manoharan: By God’s Grace and his mercy he has recovered you Suresh bhai.

[23/09, 11:16] Suresh Manoharan:  God is Great

[23/09, 11:16] Suresh Manoharan: Suresh bhai Jesus is with you

[23/09, 11:16] Suresh Manoharan: Suresh this has come as surprise and shock to know but all praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for the healing

[23/09, 11:16] Suresh Manoharan: U wer so active all the time .. never ever occurred , u r chatting in quarantine ….

[23/09, 11:16] Suresh Manoharan: Ur resilience is amazing …

[23/09, 11:16] Suresh Manoharan: Love ur attitude… Ki … Covid ki aisi ki  taisi .. online reh ke , mast rehna hai quarantine me bhi … Wah Rev wah ..

[23/09, 11:16] Suresh Manoharan: Thanks fr sharing protocol

[23/09, 11:16] Suresh Manoharan: So happy to know this.

3. God-dependence: When we see some rich and elite having access to the best of the medical facilities succumbing (we are anguished to read about their deaths) to this deadly virus, all I intend to say is “cast your anxieties upon the Lord, and He would carry them” (I Peter 5:7). Do what is possible in your realm and leave the impossible to Him!!!

So I repeat once again that there is no need to get into any kind of panic mode should any negative news come about being Covid positive!!!☺☺☺


Pastor Suresh Manoharan


Testing Negative