More Praise Reports!

Ever wonder if prayer works? If God cares? Check out these three praise reports! God protected Winnie miraculously from an accident. Winnie is a Prayer Warrior (Answer2Prayer).Read this."Please thank God with me, on Wednesday I was involved in a very bad road accident...

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Praise Report!

I had been having problem with the bleeding part and abdomen pain for a couple years on and off.The first biopsy had come back negative 2 years ago but the bleeding waned on and off despite a procedure to remove a growth. This time, when fresh blood came out for 2...

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Testing Negative

In the midst of only bad news about COVID-19... Here is a praise report! Please remember that COVID DNA can remain in your body after you have recovered from the illness, thus giving a person a "positive" test result, even if they have recovered... But not when God is...

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My Brother

My brother who was an alcoholic for years and years and years now surrounded his life to God. He was healed of a major back problem that warranted a medical emergency surgery in 2018. The Doctor told him if he does not have surgery he would complicate  and...

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Sharing My Story

I was so tired e from traveling home to the hospital. When I had reached the buildings of the place where my wife was recovering it was almost impossible to put one foot before the other. Then, suddenly, the wind was blowing and pushed me forward into the direction of...

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