The Hidden Miracle

Drugs, Sex and Loose Morals

I have a rather long testimony, it starts when I am 14 yrs. Old.( I am 46 now) I was raised a catholic and came from an upper middle class home. Up until I was 14 I was going to be a nun. My family was so excited about it (beings that I am Italian) this just made it...

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The Eraser

My life a a boy was filled with violence, blood and hiding places. My siblings and I were shuffled back and forth between our violently alcoholic parents and a horribly abusive convent.We were living in a small Saskatchewan town called Swift current with my parents...

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Greater Is He

Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4).The Satanist organization is massive and extremely secretive. When you hear of satanic priests or rituals, you are hearing only about activities at the lowest level. You need not concern yourself too...

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A Losing Battle

Satan seduces with Sin.Sin gives way to Hurt.Hurt excuses Wounds.Wounds give way to Hate.Hate reduces to Evil.Evil gives way to Battles.Battles execute Death.Death gives way to Repentance.Repentance introduces Hope.Hope gives way to Forgiving.Forgiving introduces...

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