My Brother’s Keeper

Affecting Our World

It was 1993 and Dianne, a manager for a London, Ontario business, took a leave of absence to welcome her first child into the world. She lived in a nice apartment, worked at a job she loved, had a husband who cared about her and now excitedly set about to live the...

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A Time and a Season

I am planting a few things today!There is something marvelous about bringing in vegetables from your own garden. Course my garden is only being planted and it is very small, so once a week, the next best thing is going to the Farmer’s Market to buy the fresh garden...

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What Is the Power of Touch

I spoke to a woman in Toronto. She was not a hugger, but something told her one day at the bus stop to offer a hug to a stranger.Well my acquaintance, Paula, just didn't want to offer a hug to a stranger, yet something inside of (intuition?) Her would not let up and...

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When Laughter Hurts

While visiting mother at the Nursing Home in N.W. Calgary we were having a conversation and I was fixing her hair and placing a colorful barrette in it. Mom hadn’t laughed at anything in a long time so we were both almost a pair of old sourpusses. Lately I seemed to...

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My granddaughter and I were talking about my mother in the Nursing home.Why have you not been to visit her recently I asked her. She responded: "Grandma Pat does not recognize me. I've grown so much and she just doesn't recognize me."I was really not on my toes in...

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Closer to God

Today in church, my thoughts wandered back for a few minutes.Suddenly I was remembering the day I was alone in my kitchen, writing to my daughters.It was the Labour Day weekend in 1987 and I was feeling very sad and alone . My marriage was in a very bad state and...

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Head Home, Now!

Tonight as I write to you , I tell you, I am grateful to our Heavenly Father for his protection.I was in Calgary visiting with mother and the snow had started coming down with a vengence. And even as I drove to be with mom, my head was saying, "head for home now!" Not...

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Ellie Braun-Haley