Sword Fight

Wilm Hosenfeld

No matter how cold and dark and awful the Holocaust was, and no matter how much it continues to darken the pages of history, it is amazing to learn that on an individual level, there were, indeed, acts of courage and kindness...Even though Wilmhelm Adalbert Hosenfeld...

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Boxing Day

Yesterday was officially the day after Christmas. Canada has turned this into a holiday, called "Boxing Day". It is actually a British Holiday, and is celebrated in most former British colonies. Although the day has commendable historic roots, it has become a day when...

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A Gift for Jesus

Christmas 2021 is finally upon us. Kids everywhere are so excited! They have been counting the days until Christmas, now they are counting the hours, even the minutes!As adults, most of us are giving some passing thoughts to the fact that this is Jesus' birthday, but...

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Christmas at Home

My wife asked me an interesting question today. She asked, "What was your favourite Christmas season ever?"I had to think. But not for very long. As soon as my mind went back to my childhood, I knew the answer: The Christmases I spent at home with my mom would forever...

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Rob Chaffart