Illiterate Woman Fried From Evil Affliction

by | May 18, 2010 | Deliverance, Freedom, Healing, Miracles

Prasanna was raised to despise Christians. After her husband died, Prasanna shouldered the responsibilities of raising her family, earning a meager wage as a servant.

When her daughter fell in love with a Christian boy, Prasanna swiftly intervened. She arranged for her daughter to marry a more suitable spouse from their village.

Prasanna heaved a sigh of relief after her daughter’s marriage. But days later she was attacked by demonic spirits. She visited many temples and offered prayers but nothing alleviated her suffering.

One day an evangelist came to her village and prayed for Prasanna. During the prayer, Prasanna felt the evil spirits fleeing her body. After seeing the power of the Holy Spirit, she accepted Jesus as her Saviour.

Though she was illiterate, Prasanna began carrying her Bible with her everywhere. When an Adult Literacy program was launched in her village, she jumped at the chance to learn how to read and write. “One day I will be able to read the Bible on my own and share the Good News of what Christ has done in my life,” she says.

Prasanna now regrets standing in the way of her daughter’s marriage to a Christian, and says she prays daily for her daughter and son-in-law’s salvation. She often shares the Gospel with them, as well as many other students in her literacy class.

Kim Heersink


Illiterate Woman Fried From Evil Affliction