The Workout

A Blessing in Disguise

It was a very windy day, and I had a lot of small branches and twigs in piles in different parts of the garden. I had pruned lots of bushes and it was time to gather up all the cuttings. I decided to use my barrow to transport those branches to a corner of the garden....

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The Visitor

This story is hard for me to tell; yet I feel a burning in my heart that it is a message that is vital for someone out there.It was back in the days before my diagnosis with Alzheimer's. In fact, it was, perhaps, the first time I actually became aware of my problem;...

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The Flu

"Oh Mommy, why did this happen to me, and how long will it last?" These were four-year-old Ade's words when she caught the flu this winter. She was confused as to how she got sick and was concerned as to how long she was going to be feeling so awful.My heart went out...

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