I have something to share with you. At our church they play a song that starts like an Indian war dance. Anyway that is what it reminds me of. Now, after they played this song this came to me so clearly so I am going to share it with you.The praise group played there...

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From a Distance

From a distance one could not see the pain in her eyes.No one noticed how her bottom lip quivered.How yesterday she had looked ten years younger.No, from a distance no one could see her torment. She had just lost her husband of fifty-four years.And was torn...

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Sweet Peace

I am taking you to my quiet place, a place where no one has ever been but me.It is so special and a beautiful place where I go when things just become too much. So get ready we are going on a trip. I have kept this place to myself, but at times we need to share with...

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I sat on the back patio in my ole rocking chair to clear my head of all that was going on around me. I was overwhelmed and feeling very low. The night was so dark, not a star in the sky, no moon, no lights at all. I noticed a group of fireflies dancing through the...

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New Life

Marj sat in the parking lot of the church. Strong memories caused a pain that wracked her whole being. Not a physical pain, but a deep emotional pain. She recalled her Dad’s outburst to her Mother, the last of many arguments her parents had had. How her dad yelled at...

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Am I Invisible?

Sheila walked into the sanctuary and noticed as she had so many times before that the same people were in groups talking. She decided to try something for it really bothered her that no one seemed to even notice her or care that she had been coming here for a month....

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A Day at the Mall

I was so tired of walking the mall from store to store. I just wanted to sit down and wait for the girls. I saw a bench with an old man sitting there and he smiled as I walked over to sit down. I smiled back. He looked safe.As I sat down he looked at me and said, “Do...

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Sharon Niese