Sweet Peace

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Peace

I am taking you to my quiet place, a place where no one has ever been but me.

It is so special and a beautiful place where I go when things just become too much. So get ready we are going on a trip. I have kept this place to myself, but at times we need to share with others so they too can be blessed. I so hope this will bless you.

I go to my quiet place when it seems that every thing is closing in on me and I get overwhelmed. We will walk to the bridge that overlooks the crystal clear water. Beautiful trees surround the bridge with wild flowers growing everywhere.

A peace fills your soul as you sit down on the bridge. You dangle your legs over the side, kicking them into the air. The birds sing God’s praises as they fly by and the fish jump into the air as if wanting out. Close your eyes now and concentrate on our Lord. At times I sing to Him but at others I just wait for His loving touch. I so want you to feel this. Often I feel overwhelmed and I just have to cry. I just want to be enough.

The trees sway in the light breeze as if they are bowing before the King of Kings. The scene seems so surreal. He is always with me and His ways are so gentle. You can feel His presence as you pray unto Him and let your heart release everything. Never paying attention to how long I am there, the time just stands still. Being with our Lord gives me a peace that goes beyond all understanding. My heaviness is gone and I feel lightened and ready to go on with Him and serve Him as He directs me. We all need this time alone with our

Lord for it is a refreshing and washing to help us through all that is thrown at us.

I smile and look to you as you have spent time with the Lord in your way. I am so thankful that my precious place has blessed you. We leave restored and thankful.

Sharon Niese


Sweet Peace