Am I Invisible?

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Church, Love

Sheila walked into the sanctuary and noticed as she had so many times before that the same people were in groups talking. She decided to try something for it really bothered her that no one seemed to even notice her or care that she had been coming here for a month. An elderly gentleman walked by and she stopped him and asked, “Am I invisible?”

He looked at her as if she were crazy. “Of course not, I see you plainly. What a dumb question.” He turned and went his way.

Of course not, well one would think she was invisible for not one person said good morning to her or even a hello. She felt brave and stopped a younger woman and asked the same question. The lady looked at her and laughed, “I would say you are not for I see you right in front of me asking stupid questions.”

Sheila had to smile. Dumb question, stupid questions, and all along she thought they were very good questions for if people saw her why did they not acknowledge her. She came to this church for she had heard it was a Christ centered church. But, she did not sense Jesus nor did she feel Him. Jesus is love and she felt no love in this church. She turned and walked out the door.

Sharon Niese


Am I Invisible?