by | Apr 26, 2020 | Praise

I have something to share with you. At our church they play a song that starts like an Indian war dance. Anyway that is what it reminds me of. Now, after they played this song this came to me so clearly so I am going to share it with you.

The praise group played there last song which always reminds me of an Indian war dance. Now just imagine a young Indian brave dancing around a fire and giving praise to his god. He is not at all sure who this god is but he knows that there is a Supreme being. Yes, He sees this in the rain and sunshine He knows it each time he walks through the forest. The spectacular images of nature assure him there is a god. He knows that he knows this.

Now think of those who hear the salvation message often. They do not praise God nor do they see the wonder of His works. So, the Indian boy who knows that he knows there is a god is much richer than the one who hears the Word and more often than not pays no attention to what is said.

May God forgive us that know the Truth and do not praise or worship His holy name.

Sharon Niese