The Problem

The Attorney

Thy word is like a burning fire shut up in my bones"... Jer. 20:9A well-dressed man got into his Mercedes. He was late. His latest client failed to report some very important information and the sudden disclosure in court from opposing council had sent everyone...

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Here in a Flash

They lived in a modest house about eighty years old. It had been her husband's parents' home. He had lived in it as a child. It was a tiny house but unique and quaint. This being their first Christmas in a house, they decorated the porch with many lights. There were...

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Love Never Fails

Once upon a time in an enchanted valley there lived a family of sparrows. They loved each other very much. Momma sparrow found fresh bread every morning and Poppa sparrow brought the babies fresh berries every night. They were very happy.Everyday the babies would say...

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Moonglow at Midnight

The full moon loomed pale green in the liquid ink night. The graveyard markers dotted the black soil in random patterns. Some broken and tilted from age, they told the names of the once living souls below. It was midnight.It was a long walk and the group of six was...

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Destination, Please!

A large silver bus heaves to a halt and two men get off at a city stop. Two car dealerships stand on either side of a main street. A slick city dealer is leaning on a real beauty. He begins to call to the two travelers. "Hey, over here. So you've decided to get...

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The Daisy Grows With the Weeds

The silhouette of the house at the end of the block stood stark against the peach cream sky. The sun was just about to set. An old man's brown sun tanned hands reached down to pull out of the soil another group of weeds. Little fresh smooth new fingers reached not far...

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Marjeana Martin