Something Beautiful

Work of Art

Edward Fischer writes in Notre Dame Magazine (February, 1983), that a leper (or, more correctly, a sufferer of Hanson's Disease) in Fiji followed the leading of his twisted hands. He became an internationally known artist. "My sickness I see as a gift of God leading...

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I See the Color

New Years Day, 1969, the year man landed on the moon. I turned on the television, waited for it to warm, and saw nothing interesting for a ten-year-old.Channel three disappointed me, so I turned to my only other option - channel five. There was a parade. My mom...

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The Underside of Leaves

I was awake. Challenging my mind with memories and questioning what happened kept me from enjoying any kind of sleep.There is a view of my backyard that I love. The small window which scrolls out and upward in my bathroom has always been a peaceful place for me.In the...

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