Work of Art

I See the Color

New Years Day, 1969, the year man landed on the moon. I turned on the television, waited for it to warm, and saw nothing interesting for a ten-year-old.Channel three disappointed me, so I turned to my only other option - channel five. There was a parade. My mom...

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The Underside of Leaves

I was awake. Challenging my mind with memories and questioning what happened kept me from enjoying any kind of sleep.There is a view of my backyard that I love. The small window which scrolls out and upward in my bathroom has always been a peaceful place for me.In the...

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A Special Beauty

I was 17 years old. Along with a dozen other boys I had made a long trip to Iowa in order to see a college that I was thinking of attending. While the trip had been fun for the most part, now that I was there I was feeling depressed, alone, and isolated. I was missing...

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Broken…Still Beautiful

My wife, Marianne, loves hummingbirds. I've watched her sit on our deck for hours waiting for one to come by.We get the magazine, "Birds and Blooms" and in it are pictures of people hand feeding these magnificent creations of God. I also see photos of many gathered...

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