Love Never Fails

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Love

Once upon a time in an enchanted valley there lived a family of sparrows. They loved each other very much. Momma sparrow found fresh bread every morning and Poppa sparrow brought the babies fresh berries every night. They were very happy.

Everyday the babies would say to the Momma, “How do you know you will be able to find us the bread for our breakfast tomorrow?” And everyday she would chirp and say, “Don’t worry my children love never fails.”

Everyday the babies would ask the Poppa, Do you know for sure you can get us our berries tonight? And everyday he would fluff out his feathers and say, “Have no fear my little ones, love never fails.”

So each day the babies would hungrily eat up the delights their parents brought them and tried to be good.

Sure enough just as their parents taught them and believed, each day they received their food. One day the sky grew dark and the wind blew hard, the babies and the Momma too wondered if the Poppa would be able to come home that night. But sure enough even though he was late finally Poppa sparrow flew in with his mouth full of berries.

He told of how he was almost overtaken by a terrible gust of wind and he had to stay in the hollow of a big tree in the south of the valley until it passed. All the babies looked at their Poppa with big eyes, they all chimed in “Oh Poppa what would we do if something happened to you?”

The Poppa sparrow showed no concern, he only passed around the big fresh berries.” Don’t be afraid my dears, love never fails.”

Now the babies were almost grown and the Momma was telling of how the time would almost be right for the babies to leave the warm nest and go on their own.

The Poppa told of how they would fly high just like them and find their own food. All the babies stared in disbelief. They could not believe they could ever fly so high. They did not believe they could find the bread the Momma found in the yards of the people or the berries that grew wild in the deep forest. They did not see how they could ever be so skilled or so brave. But just as so many times before they heard the same familiar words…”Love never fails.”

Now at the noon hour Momma would take each baby out of the nest one by one and hold them in her beak. She would fly high and drop the baby down for them to fall for just a few minutes before the Poppa caught them in his grasp. At first this was scary but the babies soon grew to love the feeling of falling in the air each time secure that they would be caught. They trusted in the promise that they had always heard. We love you, we will catch you.

Day by day the babies grew. They got very heavy for the Mom to carry but she still brought them out one by one. Each time dropping them for the Poppa to catch. Then one day something happened. The babies flew through the air waiting to be caught but this time no one was there.

“Help me” cried the baby one by one. Each time they heard the answer one by one. “Don’t worry little baby neither be afraid, love never fails.”

Each time came the answer. Each baby spread their wings. Each time came the answer, they rode high on the wind.

Now lots of time had passed and one of the little babies was little no more in fact he had grown big with some little ones of his own. Now it was his job together with his wife to carry fresh berries to his dear babes. And so he did, everyday he brought from the same luscious berry patch his own dear Poppa had plucked from.

Then one day something happened. Just as the sparrow eyed an extra large berry in the patch, one that would be suitable to feed all the new babies he was caught by a wild animal. Someone that was out looking for food for his own babies.

Poor Poppa sparrow was clamped in the sharp teeth of a determined creature with no hope to escape. How will I feed my hungry babies he thought? What will they do? But from down deep in his soul came the answer…Love never fails.

He was taken to a dark cave with little crying creatures. He knew what his fate would be because he had heard the stories of other little birds who had seen such things happen. So in his heart he called to the great creator who all the creatures knew.

“Please send someone to feed my babies when they cry at night. Please fill their hearts with hope when the dark fills their eyes. Please send someone to catch them when they try to fly so high. Please fulfill the promise I gave to them… Love Never Fails.”

Just then a beautiful dove came in to the cave. It’s glory and beauty shined so bright it blinded all who seen. The creature dropped the little sparrow for it was not much to behold. It now held the Glory Dove and presented it to its brood.

Then the little sparrow lost no time making his escape, but before he flew into the clouds he thanked his savior great. Now he heard above the trees as on the wind he sails, “Your welcome my dear little one…Love Never Fails.”

By Marjeana Martin


Love Never Fails