The Attorney

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Grace, Salvation

Thy word is like a burning fire shut up in my bones”… Jer. 20:9

A well-dressed man got into his Mercedes. He was late. His latest client failed to report some very important information and the sudden disclosure in court from opposing council had sent everyone spinning. Now the rest of his day would be set back and, most assuredly result in some canceled appointments. A quick lunch would have to suffice as rest, then back to court, to a mess.

Though the attorney opened the door to enter the car, his constant companions entered without having to do so. They shuffled along just as hurriedly as he. Their spirit papers tucked in briefcases along with their long-time case records clutched securely in their grasp.

The attorney mulled over the details in his mind during a solitary lunch or so he thought– but he was not alone. He was never alone. “What an idiot,” he whispered to himself. “All he had to do was tell me and I could have revealed this information in court.”

“Tough day?” The waitress overheard her customer.

“Oh just another stupid criminal. Doesn’t realize when to quit lying and tell the truth. Then they wonder why we can’t give them a decent defense.”

One of his companions opened his briefcase and retrieved a fresh yellow pad and pen. On the clean surface he wrote “Negative response, idiot, stupid, liar.” On a separate pad he wrote under credits “Three negative judgments, one gossip.” He looked over at his counterpart who just looked down.

The Man continued his torment over the compromised condition of his already fragile defense. “What now?” He again spoke audibly and shook his head.

The same companion leaned over to his assigned and spoke. “What are you going to do now?” The man again shook his head. The spirit wrote “Fearful.”

The other companion moved closer to the person of his focus. “You can do it, you’re good at this. Don’t let one little upset throw you a curve.”

Hope filled the attorney’s eyes. “Yes, I can do it,” he spoke. The positive spirit wrote “Faith”

The attorney made a few quick notes between gulps of food he barely tasted. The waitress was attentive, so he left her a nice tip. “Generous” was written under credits by the appropriate spirit.

The “Down on your luck, buddy?” Question made to the dirty homeless man in the parking lot added an “Understanding” then the payment of an ordered meal for the unfortunate person caused a “Compassionate” to join the list.

Now speeding, he wasn’t sure how the moron in the next car could have failed to see him and change lanes, cutting him off, even tagging his new car. Now he’s later and with a scrape across the new car’s beautiful emerald finish. Sweat ran profusely down his forehead and neck. The negative spirit whispered in the man’s ear. “Make him pay.”

“Look buddy, this is going to cost you. Why don’t you watch where you’re going? Man, my wheel alignment will never be the same! This is a brand new car. No, I’m not in a big hurry. This is your fault. Don’t blame this on me! Just give me your name. I’m an attorney. I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. No, you’re the one that is confused.”

“Rude, one credit. Lying, one. Material idol, one.

Lack of forgiveness, one. Pride, one. Conceited, one.” All was neatly recorded through the hands of the one smiling, revealing pointed teeth. “Big score,” he mocked.

Now back in the car and on his way, the man dabbed his brow. “This traffic,” he grasped the steering wheel, straining around to see if he could change lanes. “Impatience, one.”

“Calm down,” The positive spirit looked into eyes that had no idea he existed. “Ask God to help you.”

“God,” the man repeated at the thought he believed was his. “Every time I do, He ignores me and then my life gets worse. He doesn’t care.”

“But He does, maybe there’s a reason it seems like He doesn’t,” the Light Spirit continued. “Maybe something’s fighting you. Pray.”

The Gray Spirit checked his records and found “Confusion.” He checked it off then prompted. “Yeah, life. Who could you be fighting? You’re not going to go over the whole unseen forces thing again, are you? How stupid. Like yeah, there’s something you can’t see. If there were, why would they be bothering you? Why pray,” the Gray Spirit reminded.

“Maybe they’re fighting to keep themselves in the world longer.” The Light Spirit engulfed the man’s presence. “To keep man from fulfilling all the things God needs them to, so that the end is delayed. If someone were going to be put in a lake of fire wouldn’t they fight against it? Think, pray.”

The man wondered, then shook his head. Gray Spirit then wrote “hardened heart.” No prayer today, he recorded at the top, next to the date

The attorney placed his case records on the counsel table. He watched as the defendant was brought in. He glared. “Why didn’t you tell me you knew that person previously?”

“I did. I told you she dated my roommate.”

“You did?”

“Yes. What is going on?”

“Didn’t you hear me tell them you had no knowledge of her?”

“Well, yes, but I thought you were lying, like before.”

The man’s two companions are seated at spirit tables in their world that lies invisibly entwined with our material space.

“Your honor, I need to go over some issues with my client. It seems we have a bit of confusion. I move for a continuance.”

Gray spirit marked through one “Confusion” credit.

“Sorry counsel, but you’ve already had several continuances. I have heard this is your practice.”

Gray Spirit crossed out one “Gossip.”

Light spirit searched his records. He found “Generous.” He engulfed the judge. The judge thinks and looks at the counselor. Gray spirit searches, he finds “Impatience” and “Rude.” He shook his fingers at the Light, held up his records and pointed. Light moved away, searching. Can he use his “Compassion” or should he save it? He only has a few, nothing compared to the credits of his adversary, and if there’s no prayer again tomorrow those may be held over, unless they’re used up.

“Look counselor, don’t expect to slide by in my courtroom,” the judge turned red in the face. For a moment, it looked like he might stand up and shake his finger.

Things didn’t look good. The Light Spirit knew this attorney needed to restore his self-image and the defendant, though possessing a somewhat shady background, was in fact, innocent. The Spirit of Light looked over at the defendant’s two companions. They were both gray, with large piles of pads. There was no Spirit of the Light to assist him. The Light looked through his past pages for ammunition garnered. He is in a timeless realm so the courtroom action is frozen while he searched.

The Gray Spirit leaned back in his chair. “You don’t have anything. He doesn’t care about your God… a childhood commitment. I’ve seen it millions of times. You’ll never get him to see us. Anything you try to use, I’ve got ten to counter it with. Give up.”

The Light Spirit crossed off “Compassion and Understanding,” from his legal papers, he flew over and engulfed the judge. “Greater is he,” he spoke and raised his hands to heaven. His honor has a Spirit of Light, who crosses a “Compassion” off his own list, then knelt.

The judge regained motion and looked over at the attorney. “I don’t know why, but I’m going to give you one more chance to get your client’s story straight. If you show up here Monday morning unprepared, you’re out of my court! Got it?” He slammed down the gavel, “Continued until Monday at 9:00 am. I mean it council.”

“You’re kidding!” The prosecuting attorney throws his pen down. His Gray Spirit opened up his briefcase and retrieved a fresh yellow pad. On it, he wrote “Intemperance, one. Rude, one.” Since his Gray Spirit was very conscientious, he also wrote an “Indifference” as well. After all, in his world, no opportunity was left unclaimed. This was absolute. Nothing was wasted.

The unsaved defendant’s two Gray Spirits recorded their “Reap what you Sow” reports in the “Negative and Positive” positions and deposited them in the appropriate receptacles. They were going home with their human, glad not to have a Light Spirit to battle.

The defense attorney’s Gray Spirit gathered up his papers and turned to the Light. “I let you win for a reason. I’m going to catch him when its too late for him to change. Someday I’ll have so much it will drown him like a flood and you won’t have a defense. Yes, I’m saving them all up, saving them for a trap. Credits you won’t be able to cancel. I have a legal right.” He pointed to a well worn rule book, one he knew well.

The Spirit of the Light pointed to the same book. A beam of light extended his finger and the cover flashed open, the pages turned at lighting speed finally resting on one. These words rose from the pages and hung in the air. “And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” The Light pointed to the Attorney’s chest and a beam of light shined through flesh exposing his heart, on the clean surface, written in blood was the word “Grace.”

“Not by works,” the Light shook his finger.

After a long day, the tired attorney entered his brand new Mercedes and drove home along with one friend and somebody else.

Saved by Grace but, do you know your rights? Somebody does.

By Marjeana Martin


The Attorney