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That’s God telling me to write this story for over a week now.

Then He finally got my attention when my friend, Stacey Bronner mentioned blue potatoes in a post she wrote about nutrition.

Purple Sweet potatoes.

Blue potatoes.

A yellow watermelon.

Purple carrots.

How about the picture below?

Romanescu broccoli or cauliflower – Romanescu is of the cauliflower family and sports a very spiny, cone-shaped texture. It comes from Italy.

They are all pretty to look at but would you just pass them by at the market?

Why? They are actually great tasting and in some cases even better for you than the regular fruit or vegetable.

So, is this message about health and nutrition?

Nope. It’s about how we see things.

We get so conditioned in life to see things a certain way that we often pass by things, turn our backs on opportunities just because they are different.

They don’t fit in the box. And we all grew up in boxes.

Too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, too young, too old, too white, too black, too male or female.

“I can’t do this because…” then choose one of the words above.

“God wouldn’t do this for me because…” Choose one of the phrases below.

“I’m not deserving,” “I did bad things,” “I divorced,” “I lied,”

“I cheated,” “I’m just no good,” “He’ll never forgive me.”

Lies all lies! Every one of these things are lies sold to you and accepted by you because it was easier to fit in somewhere than it was to stand up and prove them wrong.

“If I only lived back in that time.” Lie!

“If I didn’t come from that side of the tracks.” Lie!

“If I didn’t marry that person.” Lie!

Your weren’t born back then, you were born and lived right where you were and you married that person.

Get over it! Move on from it! Build upon it and stop lying to yourself!

“I give all my troubles over to Jesus.” Lie!

You take them right back every time you worry about them again, every time you curse the day when you wake up or go to bed.

You ask God for answers and select only the ones that fit you, only the ones that are easy.

Then you bow you head and pray, “God, why don’t you answer me?”

Sometimes God comes in the storms. Sometimes God is found in the pain. Sometimes God rise from the ashes of your burned out life.

Do you see Him there?

No because He doesn’t fit in the box you created for Him.

No because what He is asking you to do will mean giving up something else or sacrificing what little you have.

Purple Sweet Potatoes.

Blue Potatoes.

A Yellow watermelon.

Purple carrots.

Sometimes we don’t see the good in something just because it doesn’t fit our past experiences and what we think we know about life…about God.

Sometimes God speaks to you in a blue potato. Thanks Stacey!

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