To Much on My Start Menu

by | Apr 26, 2020 | Praise

I used to have a problem falling asleep at night because I had so much on my mind.

Even though I was tired, yawning and could hardly keep my eyes open, I still could not fall asleep.


I brought too much to bed with me.

I couldn’t leave all my troubles and worries just outside the door. I walked in weighted down from all the challenges of my day.

Sure, I tried counting sheep but I’d lie there wondering how many sheep there were and where the heck they came from.

Then I tried counting my blessings. I couldn’t fall asleep because I had so many in my life I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave any of them out.

Imagine just before you nodded off you forgot to mention a friend or loved one. I was afraid if I didn’t mention them they’d know about it.

“Hey, you didn’t count me last night? Thanks so much! Forget that Christmas present I was going to give you!”

Or worse yet…God. I mean, you’re counting blessings but you fall off just before you say, “Thank you, God.”

Would I even wake up?

Seriously, there is something I learned just last night from my computer.

I had too many things on my start up menu and it was causing the computer to run slower.

That’s what got me thinking.

I’ve conquered the “taking too much to bed problem,” but now I start my day with too much in my start up.

Stuff comes rushing in and I get overwhelmed, I bog down and run slower in the morning.

I simply need to get more organized. Like the old saying, “A place for everything and every- thing in it’s place.” I need to leave things at the door before I go to bed. Then, instead of falling over them when I wake up, I need to make a plan the night before.

Ok, so I tried it.

I fell asleep, pen in hand, with one thing written on the list.

“Thanks, God!”

When I woke up the next day I saw it again.

There’s the answer.

The first thing you do when you go to bed is to thank God.

The first thing you do when you wake up is to thank God.

I think that covers all the bases, don’t you?

Bob Perks [email protected]


To Much on My Start Menu