The Burning Bush

Samuel Morse

One day a friend of Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph, said to him, "Professor, when you were making your experiments, did you ever come to a place not knowing what to do next?""More than once," Morse replied, "and whenever I could not see my way clearly, I...

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Down but Not Out

I remember walking on the trail near my house this past year. My border collie and my son's pit bull/boxer mix caught up with me as I carefully walked over the stepping-stones crossing the creek. It had been a long winter and I was searching for any evidence of spring...

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I live with one of gods children. Lori Jenkins was born with flavimaculatus (congenital retinal abiatrophy) (deteriation of the retna) ever since a younger age she has been loosing her sight and has two siblings with the same disease. She was sent away to the Ohio...

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Try Again Tomorrow

I have been driving for over 30 years now but I can still remember my first time behind the wheel like it was yesterday. My Mom had driven our big, blue Plymouth to a narrow, deserted back road and parked it. The road was only one lane and had a wall built with old,...

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