Shake It Off

by | Apr 26, 2020 | Perspective

There have been more good things happening in my life than bad. Sometimes, however, we choose to focus only on the bad. The good we take for granted.


Today my car wouldn’t start. Then my computer.

It’s the second time in about a week that the car wouldn’t start. I had to call AAA for service. It took less than a minute for the service man to get me running. He assured me that the battery was fine.

I guess it was until today.

My computer, the one I rely on totally for all of my work has had issues for more than a year. Each time it was corrected. Each time something went wrong I felt like someone cut my arm off. But I was told it was fine.

I guess it was until today.

Marianne stopped me to tell me her printer wouldn’t work. It had issues when we first connected it, but then they were resolved.

I guess it was fine until today.

I am normally not a patient man. God has given me many gifts and talents. Patience was not one of them.

With all of this happening in one morning you would think I would be crazed. I’m not.

My car still sits outside and I am praying that it will start a little later and it won’t cost me much to correct the problem.

My computer cannot be used, but I am told by the manufacturer that a service person will call me in 2-3 days to schedule a time to fix it.

My wife’s printer is now working.

So, what’s my point?

Stuff happens. That’s it. I could easily see all of this as my life falling apart or accept that sometimes a number of things happen all in one space of time. Sometimes they are conveniently spread out so that I can handle them as they come.

It happens both ways. But what I choose to see at any given moment is my reality.

As they say, “your perception is my reality.” So, in essence I create my reality.

When I woke up this morning the title of my message to you was clear. I heard,

“Shake it off!” I didn’t understand it. I just accepted it and knew from experience that God would fill in the rest.

He did.

If you are having a bad day today, tomorrow or any future date, here’s what I want you to do.

I want you to stand up, extend your arms slightly away from your body and shake. You know, like a dog does when he’s wet. You heard me, “Shake it off!”

Do it as many times as needed until you feel completely foolish. I do believe it will bring a smile to your face, perhaps even a little laughter, but it will feel good.

Your challenges won’t go away, but you will break the bond they have on you at that moment. When things go wrong they feel like they have a grip on you both mentally and physically. Ask God to help you let go of them and then stand up, sit where you are and “shake it off!”

I promise you it will work.

Then begin to put things in perspective, thank God that you are alive and yes, thank Him for the things you will learn from all of these challenges.

Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you!

(Tip: add a little “Shake it off!” Music to it. You’ll really enjoy the dance of freedom!)

Bob Perks


Shake It Off