One Note, One Word

by | May 29, 2020 | Hope

“Daddy let me play a song for you!” The young child said.

“Sure my love,” her Daddy replied.

The child positioned herself in front of the piano, carefully placed her fingers over the keys and played one note.

Turning her head toward her father, she smiled as she waited for his approval.

He didn’t say a word.

“Daddy, don’t you like my song?” She asked.

“That was it? That wasn’t a song. That was one note. A song has many notes,” he told her.

The child then turned back toward the piano and slowly played the same note over and over.

She stopped and looked at him hoping that he would now be pleased.

“A song is made up of many notes, not just one played a hundred times.”

Saddened by his response, she got down off the bench and walked away.

Realizing that he was insensitive in his response, he followed her to her room.

She was sitting on her bed, head down and sobbing.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. “I’m sorry. But one note does not make a song.”

“But grandmother said my life is a song.”

“She’s right. Your life is a beautiful song,” her daddy assured her.

Looking up at him, eyes welled with tears, she said, “But I am only one note.”

I’ve known that feeling. I’ve known that pain of feeling so singularly alone that my oneness made me feel so insignificant.

But I’ve discovered something…One note is a song.

I visited a music store. They had a xylophone. Ignoring the sign that said, “Don’t touch! The salesperson will assist you.” I held the mallet in my hand and struck just one note thinking it would be brief and go unnoticed.

It resonated for what appeared to be forever. Long enough for the salesperson to hear it and approach me.

“Do you read music?” He asked.

“No, I never learned.” I replied.

“Obviously you never learned to read signs, either,” he said politely laughing.

“I wish I could read music, I only know one note.” I told him.

“For a composer, every song starts with one note. For you, that one note is your song,” he said.

My friend, you are God’s song in the symphony of life. Played over and over, who you are and the sound you make in the God inspired piece, resonates forever.

You are one word, too.

In life’s book of many pages, your one word speaks volumes.

Is your word “Love?” “Joy?” Or is it “Despair?” “Defeat?”

You are a symphony of one note and the word He had in mind was “Hope!”

“One note…one word!”

“I believe in you!” Bob Perks


One Note, One Word