Abba Father

A Special Kind of Love

I guess you had to be born before the 1940’s to know what I mean about a special kind of love.I believe you have to be brought up in a family that demonstrates their love and affection for one another; there are those who are just born huggers; touchy, feely kind of...

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Who God Is to Me

For many years I knew not God. I was fearful of Him and worried about what punishment He would administer if I did something wrong, or if I sinned or made Him angry. I was not at all sure there was a God. But if there were, I certainly did not want to irritate Him and...

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It is by faith we have this hope,this hope in God’s own Son.It is by faith in trials of life,in Jesus Christ, our faith is born.By faith Noah obeyed the commandto build an ark.Because of things not yet revealed,in fear he built the ark.Long years of hardship and...

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A Lesson to Be Learned

I was standing at the foot of my mother’s bed along with my father and my two sisters, watching…. Watching….. watching the pulse in my mother’s neck; watching her life slowly ebb; watching my life end as I knew it. I watched till her heart beat, the pulse in her neck...

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Lessons in Compassion

John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. KJVMy daughter Catie was always a well liked child; wherever she went she was accepted and loved.Now that she is grown with daughters of her...

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Our Life Together

We repeated our vows, and we were wed.Our love we pledged, enough was said.Our life together we began, we did not knowwe needed God’s hand. Though He was there all the time,it would have been easier, with His hand in mine.He allowed us to do whatever we chose,but the...

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The Power of prayer

I believe in the power of prayer as a viable means to healing and other needs and desires. God answers prayer that is sincere and heartfelt. I myself have had many prayers answered. Every day He answers prayer for protection and provision for me and my family.I...

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Nell Berry