Overnight Parking

This Christmas has been more exciting than most for me. I work at a Christian Ministry in a beautiful building that has a beautifully decorated lobby, and have musicians come to play their instruments to inspire us to the fullest.Our office is having a Christmas...

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Close the Door

My back door neighbor works for a company that I know would hire me lickity-split because of my customer service/call center background, so I called and made an appointment for the typing test, which I knew I would pass.I then called Robert to tell him where I was...

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Were You Watching Me?

My husband and I went food shopping the other day. Food shopping is one of those things that we all need to do in order to survive, but not many people enjoy because it is such a mundane task which normally costs us so much money. Instead of going home with just a...

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Straight Towards Us

The following is my testimony of an incident that happened last night. It has changed my life ...God's Love and Grace:It was just a week ago that a friend from work and I were discussing God's Mercy and Grace. I remember quoting a passage from one of Amy Grant's song...

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We Can’t Take the Feather With Us

I was reading the daily story sent by the Answers2Prayer Ministry as quickly as possible because Robert was waiting for me to finish so we could go searing for a new car for him. Still, I had a desire to read him the story. Before I continue, you need to understand...

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The Motorcycle Show

Sometimes we don't understand why the Lord allows things to happen to us, but if we remember to consecrate our day to Him from the very moment we get up, He will take it as an opportunity to to draw others to Christ through us. He will use this to show us Kingdom...

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Nancy Reindl