Straight Towards Us

by | May 28, 2001 | Peace, Protection

The following is my testimony of an incident that happened last night. It has changed my life …

God’s Love and Grace:

It was just a week ago that a friend from work and I were discussing God’s Mercy and Grace. I remember quoting a passage from one of Amy Grant’s song “God Has Angels watching Over Me”; it goes something like this “A car ran out of gas before it ran my way”

Friday morning

Praise Session – Psalm 91: This past Friday morning another dear sister in Christ stood by me and my mom at the nursing home talking about the Power of the Word of God. She was so full of God’s Joy, she was clapping and rejoicing over Psalm 91. You see, she had been reading it to my mom and her roommate, and before she knew it, my mom’s roommate accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. But I was about to find out the reality of the Power of God’s promises in a very strange way …

Saturday Morning:

Saturday’s are always the most hectic days for me, but Saturday, March 27th would be one I will never forget. After visiting my mom at the nursing home I headed out to dance practice, and noticed my pastor had driven his wife’s car to the property our church bought for our own building. Pastor Tom is in the habit of going there to pray God’s Word as he walks around blessing our future home, and the surrounding area. I don’t know what made me pull over and cross the street, but I did. Once I crossed the street, Linda’s car stopped looking like her car and I was suddenly filled with a desire to run back to the safety of my car and pray for the area. I knew in my heart that my pastor was in there praying, so I prayed for his protection also. Once I reached my destination I called their house to let him know there might have been someone other than him in the property. Of course, I found out I was right to begin with.

Saturday Evening:

Last night had been a scheduled “Ladies Fellowship”, we were meeting at a parishioner’s home for a pot-luck dinner, and to be blessed by Sue Samuel , who was going to minister to us with her singing. This young lady has a wonderful testimony, and a beautiful voice, we all knew we were in for a wonderful fellowship. Sue’s testimony really touched my heart. She shared with us how Jeshua showed her that “All” things work together for the good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose, even in the midst painful experiences. As she was speaking, I felt the Lord tug my heart and say to me “Trust Me”, so I knew deep in my heart that He wanted me to ponder on Roman’s 8:28, which is the scripture Sue was referencing. But I was thinking He was telling me to trust Him in the things that are going on in my life.

We sang, worshipped the Lord, ate and had lots of fun.

At the end of our fellowship, the hostess said a prayer of Thanksgiving, and Blessings upon each one of us. She prayed for “Traveling Mercies” as we went to our perspective home. When she prayed this, I remember lifting my hands up to the Lord and saying “Yes, Lord, we will need it. Now why did I say “we”?

He worked everything out for our safety:

As I was on my way out the door, a friend asked me to drive her home. Even though there were other ladies who lived near her and could take her home, I felt compelled to say yes – perhaps is because her face was very pale. I had purchased Sue’s latest CD so, we listened to it as we drove. Driving right behind us, was my friend who was so full of God’s Joy and was quoting Psalm 91.

About half way to our destination, my friend leaned forward and said “Oh my God, there is a man up ahead, and he is coming towards us, he wants to get killed” Now I did not see such a man, all I saw was a twirling leaf in front of my car – this seemed odd to me. But by now my friend was screaming and grabbing the sleeve of my right arm. Terror filled her voice as she screamed “Oh my God, you are going to hit him” Still I could not see, and was filled with such terror that I joined her with my own screams. I slowed down and quickly found myself driving over the double yellow line as I was trying to avoid hitting someone I was yet to see. I could feel something evil was over us and all I could do was scream and call on the Name of Jesus.

Suddenly I saw him, he was indeed running desperately towards my car – his arms were raised as he ran “straight towards us”. He was wearing a Bristol Blue sweat shirt with some type of writing. I could see him so close that I could see his body from his thighs up. I didn’t see his face because I was too busy swerving my car towards the middle of the oncoming lane … Then, as suddenly as this man appeared, he disappeared.

All I could think of was that my friend who was driving behind us had probably hit him, but I didn’t hear anything. My passenger and I were still screaming, but now she was asking “Why Lord? Why Us”?, “Why Lord? Why Us”? I knew then, that we needed to pray for that lost soul. Immediately, I remembered Dutch Sheet’s teaching on praying for the Lost; he shared with us that at one point in his life, the Lord placed him in the life of a man who continually tried to commit suicide, but the man’s mom, along with him and others were praying for him. And no matter how many times and different ways he tried to kill himself, the Lord always put someone there to prevent him from successfully killing himself.

My friend and I stood in the gap and prayed. Prayer calmed us down enough to stop screaming. Without thinking, I drove up about 50 feet and pulled over so I could see if our friend behind us was OK. She pulled up next to me and said “He’s a crazy guy and is dangerous, don’t stay here, keep driving” So I drove to pastor’s house, which is on the way to my friends house. I called their house and he came out and prayed with us, then suggested I call the police.

During our conversation of the incident, he asked me where it had taken place … Only then did I realize it had happened right by our church property, where Pastor had spent time praying. It seems that I pulled over into the very same spot I had earlier in the morning.

Now, I need to tell you that last night I was at some point angry that this man because had chosen to end his life via “my car” How dare he put others in danger just so he could end his own agony, but as soon as those thoughts enter my head, I am reminded that “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

This man was crying out to God, perhaps he had planned this event and was putting God to the test and the Lord had me right by our church property to stop this man from his plan. I do know that Pastor Tom always uses the Word of God to pull down the strongholds, and casting down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. II Corinthians 10:3-5

I may never know what happened to that man, The police searched the area and found no one. Perhaps I may have to wait until I see Jesus face to face. I do know that He had my pastor, friends and I stand in the gap for this man. I am still praying for him, and feel his pain. There are times when the image of him trying to run towards my car, and the feeling of terror fills my being and I actually get scared. But then I remember that He had angels watching over us last night, and He has not taken them away. Better than that, I know He inhabits the praises of His people, so I am Praising Him for using me to reach that man — I know He did!

No car ran out of gas before it ran my way, but the Lord protected my car from killing someone last night. I can now rest in His Peace and continue to pray for this man until the Lord tells me to stop …

For those of you who don’t know Psalm 91, please click here, or copy and paste into your browser. Then claim this promise for yourself and your family. Http://

In Christ, Nancy Reindl


Straight Towards Us