Window to Look Through

Don’t Worry About Me!

Steve, his wife Emily, and daughter Madelyn entered the aseptic like room that housed his grandmother and another elderly woman, a smile broadened across her worn but beautiful face."Oh, I am so glad to see you all," she exclaimed with a weakened voice. "We are glad...

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Angel’s Attitude

Every morning it is the same routine. She wakes up, gives a big yawn, and heads downstairs in the same old uniform. Not a glamorous job at all. Others might think that being a ballerina instructor to be the perfect job or career. Dance, stretch and teach others to...

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OUGHT. SHOULD. MUST. Three small words with perilously explosive potential. “Handle with care” should have been as plain to see as a gorilla gone ballistic at a children’s petting zoo. Frightened friends feigned the warnings. Fragile. Do Not Drop. A bitter boss caused...

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Grandpa’s Little Buddy

As Steven stood awkwardly on the bank of Lake Malone in Western Kentucky, his grandfather watched his "Little Buddy" desperately attempt to get just one of the many flat rocks he'd gathered to skip over the lake's sun reflective surface. "Keep at it son!" His...

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Christ Lives to End Our Worry

It sounds real odd and it’s hard to explain, exactly what happened to meFor one of God’s angels revealed some truths, my vision cleared to see In glorified white and all aglow, was God’s bearer of such Good NewsI’d heard the Gospel many times before, why me this day...

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Dad, Hear the Words!

"Son!", Tim's father shouted, "Is it possible you could please turn that noise down!?" Tim, who had only two months earlier earned his driver's license, calmly ejected his favorite music CD that had his favorite song on it."Sorry dad, but I love that song cranked up...

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Brian G. Jett