Angel’s Attitude

by | May 29, 2001 | Blessing, Parenting

Every morning it is the same routine. She wakes up, gives a big yawn, and heads downstairs in the same old uniform. Not a glamorous job at all. Others might think that being a ballerina instructor to be the perfect job or career. Dance, stretch and teach others to dance and stretch their imaginations. Remarkable lady this gal is however. She does the same old thing but to her it always appears to be somehow new – each and every single day. Don’t get me wrong as she has her moments like I suppose we all do. She gets frustrated over the little stuff. Seems the biggest difference between this young woman and others that I have observed is the way she takes life in stride. In a nutshell, she just doesn’t let anything or anyone break her stride.

Like a beautiful mare dancing in the wide open spaces in a dazzling display right after an equaling dazzling dawn, nothing that might present itself as an obstacle can break her stride. At least this is how it appears right now in her dancing career.

Can I ask you a question? Don’t mean to be nosey or anything, but what uniform do you put on everyday? Whether a ballerina outfit or waitress uniform, I suppose any position can lose its once highly esteemed luster after a bit. This little ballerina, unlike so many others with differing uniforms, can’t stand having to go to bed but can’t wait to get out of it in the morning. She works from home, so she is afforded the opportunity each Tuesday morning to gaze out of her front storm door at the men who pick up her hurby-curby. Kind of a drab, off green colored uniform these guys wear from what I have seen, but she enjoys this special time at the door as a highlight of her daily existence. She likes to make their jobs less repetitive as she musters up a big smile and gives them all a huge grin – all the while waving like it might be her last chance to do so. Don’t get me wrong because as we all know way too well, no one is perfect and she’ll be the first to admit it. She says, “I’m sorry” more regularly and with more sincerity than most I’ve met six times her age.

Sometimes I can’t help but think that as soon as this or that change in my life, all will be just a tad bit better. I think that she has learned a powerful lesson and it has to do with perception. The way she has chosen to perceive things, is the way she receives things. She just hasn’t allowed herself to see too many rainy days and Mondays, and the ones she has, clearly haven’t ever ruined her morning, afternoon, or evening routine. Those twice her age might be creating some chaos around her, but again, it doesn’t seem to break her stride. She just keeps on dancing nonetheless.

In talking to her recently, she speaks of her plans for the future but even as she does she keeps some semblance of her dancing going. If reminded of a mistake she made yesterday, she’ll just give me a demure little smile as though I’m purposefully trying to be a kill-joy. Hmmmmmm. I hadn’t given that much thought until now, but why do I or any of us rehash another’s past? Good question and this wise little gal seems to know most of the answers. I guess longevity doesn’t always equate to legitimacy.

I hope that she’ll keep her job as a ballerina for many years to come so that I can keep learning simple life lessons from her. But I doubt that she will if I look at the big picture or project way into the future like I too often tend to do. Nothing I could say or anything any of her other best friends could say could break her stride. She is destined for great things. Even if she changed from a ballerina outfit to a waitress outfit 15 years from now, I kind of think she’d keep her bright attitude, fresh perspective, and unsophisticated purity.

Well, that’s all I have to write about for now. I best get home before my wife helps her take off her ballerina uniform and get ready for bed. If I’m so blessed, I’ll get to watch her dance and sing for me right before I leave for work in the morning. I wish I could take so many moments, and put them in a jar. I wish I could stop the world from turning and keep things just the way they are. I know that I can’t, but I can always wish I could.




Angel’s Attitude