What Is Important?

More, More, More…

I was sitting at my kitchen table sipping my morning coffee while the news played on the television. Suddenly, a long series of commercials came on. Each one droned on the drumbeat of more, more, more. They urged us to buy more, to have more, and to do more. Finally I...

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The Prison of Want

Come with me to the most populated prison in the world. The facility has more inmates than bunks. More prisoners than plates. More residents than resources.Come with me to the world's most oppressive prison. Just ask the inmates; they will tell you. They are...

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How to Become Rich

Rosa and I stood at the entry way of a home in Bolivia. I placed a brand new Bible in her hands and hugged her tight. I patted her over her thick black braids that cascaded down her back. “I feel different,” Rosa said, “I feel free.” Calmness and reassurance rang in...

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First in the Night

I can still remember that late summer night when I was eleven. I can still remember my Grandmother’s scream that woke me from my sleep. I can still remember my brother grabbing me out of bed and yelling that there was a fire in the house. I can still remember the...

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