Imperfect Vegetables

Four Rooms With Potential

When we were looking for a house Marianne and I had lofty and grand expectations. You know, that "dream house" each of us can describe right down to the door knobs.Reality, however, kept those dreams in check.I can clearly remember saying that we needed to look at...

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My Unfinished Story

I think I have a very special story to share with those who find themselves alone in a world of darkness and feel like there is no hope or light at the end of that long, narrow tunnel. I'm here to let you know that there is life after becoming blind. With the proper...

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Our Time in the Sun

'Why is God so good to me?" The young tree asked."Each of us has our time in the sun," said the elder tree.It was another attempt on my part, I believe, to find the answers that I so often pursue. I had wandered in search of reason, peace and tranquility. It had taken...

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OUGHT. SHOULD. MUST. Three small words with perilously explosive potential. “Handle with care” should have been as plain to see as a gorilla gone ballistic at a children’s petting zoo. Frightened friends feigned the warnings. Fragile. Do Not Drop. A bitter boss caused...

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