Window to Look Through

My Christmas Dream

"I had a dream the other night, that the world was full of peace That people of all creeds and colors, let all hatred ceaseThat every child in their mother's womb, would have a chance at life That people would be healed to walk, hear and have sightThat the news we...

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God Speed

Each evening at about the same time, Alan and Kristy could hear their new next-door neighbor singing along with the same inspirational R. Kelly song."Alan, if I have to hear that socially retarded new neighbor sing 'I Believe I can Fly' tune one more time, I'm going...

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The Lassie Dog

As Kevin sat intently in front of the old 19 inch Zenith television set with 'rabbit ears' and poor reception, his mother watched her little seven year boy move almost theatrically as he cheered Lassie on. "Go get 'em girl, go get 'em!"He'd look forward to each...

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What Might Have Been

I promised my children just the other dayI’d slow my rush, my hurried pace That I’d talk more to him and her each nightAnd sing some songs and play pillow fights Neither her first recital, nor his first ball gameToo busy for both for my mind to reclaim The dances she...

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The Circle Around the ©

The reason there is a circle, around the letter ©, Is because there isn't one single copy, of another you or me The circle represents God's love, and His Son He sent to save He cared enough to let ©hrist die, for our sins in full He paid And ©hrist remains inside the...

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His Grace Is Sufficient

2 Corinthians 12:9 - My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. (NIV)What a wonderful passage of scripture for all believers to be reminded of on a daily basis! This has been one of my mother's favourite scriptures through many tough...

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Brian G. Jett