My Son! Mary Cried

My Son, my Son, Mary did cry; Lord, why oh why, must He be crucified? I know you told me from the very start; But Father, my dear Father, it's breaking my heart.   As a mother, I can not stand to see Him suffer on that cross; Father, please ease the ache in my heart...

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Path Covered in Stones

All the torture and pain Christ went through, He still had to walk that path covered in stones. People crowded all around Him, yet He walked it all alone. Carrying the sins of the world on His' back, in the shape of a cross; With each agonizing step He took, brought...

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The Story of the Roman Soldier

A golden glow tinted the skyAs the birth of a new day beganThe sun broke free from her womb on highWelcomed by nature, who joyfully sang!! The sun, in brightness arrayedTurned everything she touched to goldHer grandeur and majesty fully displayedLike king Midas of...

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Love to the End

"Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. He had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified. - Mark 15:15Thomas Kozaki was born in 1582 in Ise, Japan. His father Michael was a carpenter and a Christian. Michael met some Franciscan...

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That Cross

Oh, how broken, wounded, and hurtingWas my Jesus before he was placedOn that cross.He took the pain, the distress, And my sins as he was nailedTo that cross.My salvation was sealed that day,When He so graciously took my sins awayOn that cross.His love for this world...

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Father, Were You Anxious?

My dear father were you anxious When you saw the soldiers coming near   To take you to that cross that your loved ones feared Father did you once wonder why you had to suffer For us children that would someday have a chance To accept or reject our Salvation that...

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