My Son! Mary Cried

by | May 12, 2014 | Crucifixion, Poem

My Son, my Son, Mary did cry;
Lord, why oh why, must He be crucified?
I know you told me from the very start;
But Father, my dear Father, it’s breaking my heart.  

As a mother, I can not stand to see Him suffer on that cross;
Father, please ease the ache in my heart for His loss.
The blood and the pain, must it really be this way;
Lord God help me be strong…….I humbly pray.  

Your will be done Lord, as He goes through this last test;
But He’s still the Son, that I held to my breast.
I feel every stripe on His’ precious skin;
It burns inside of me Lord, from beginning to end.  

Take Him Father, please take Him on home;
I will cry and bereave and be so all alone.
But I will be happy knowing He is with You safe from harm;
Until the day we’re together again, and I hold Him in my empty arms.

Pat Finn


My Son! Mary Cried