Path Covered in Stones

by | May 12, 2014 | Crucifixion, Poem

All the torture and pain Christ went through,
He still had to walk that path covered in stones.
People crowded all around Him, yet He walked it all alone.

Carrying the sins of the world on His’ back, in the shape of a cross;
With each agonizing step He took, brought us closer from being lost.  
Three nails driven into Him…Father, Son and Holy Ghost;
But it was love that kept Him up there, even though He was hated most.

No matter what they did to Him, it was them who were deceived;
Christ would have stayed up there, if there was only one person who believed.  

As followers of Christ, we too sometimes, must walk a path covered in stones;
But unlike our Savior, we don’t have to walk it all alone.
He who walked that path long ago, truly cleared the way;
From the walk He took up Calvary’s Hill, to the walk we take today.

Pat Finn


Path Covered in Stones