The Story of the Roman Soldier

by | May 22, 2005 | Crucifixion, Poem

A golden glow tinted the sky
As the birth of a new day began
The sun broke free from her womb on high
Welcomed by nature, who joyfully sang!!

The sun, in brightness arrayed
Turned everything she touched to gold
Her grandeur and majesty fully displayed
Like king Midas of old.

Amidst this grand coronation
Stood a man on top of a hill
With shoulders drooped in dejection
Pondering his task, deathly still.

Anguish grips his heart as he utters this cry
“Why does it have to be by my hand
That this Righteous Man must die?
Why me, I don’t understand?”

The Righteous One is brought before him
His body bruised and torn
His pain-filled eyes had grown dim
His exhaustion, like a garment was worn.

Oh, the love and the compassion
That he saw in those pain-filled eyes!
And in his heart lingered a question
“Does He really deserve to die?”

A hush suddenly settles over the crowd
As the Nazarene approaches the cross.
He staggers, but remains upright somehow
His body weak from blood-loss!

On the cross, He laid Himself down
Spreading His arms like the wings of an eagle.
His face bloody, from the thorny crown
The blood and perspiration mingled.

Before the soldier could do anything
He fell heart-brokenly to his knees
Before the One who claimed to be King
And in his heart, he knew he believed!

Blow by painful blow, the nails went through
The hands and feet of the Righteous One
Piercing bone, marrow and the cross too
Leaving nothing undone.

Oh the excruciating pain He bore
As the cross was lowered into the ground!
The nails, at His hands and feet tore
Yet from His mouth, came not a sound!!

An agonizing cry suddenly shatters the silence
“Eloi, Eloi, Lama-sabach-thani?”
The words came from the Man named Jesus
“My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me?”

A sudden darkness came upon those assembled
Lightning flashed across the sky!
The thunder rumbled, the earth trembled
And from the crowd, arose a terrified cry!!

The Heavens opened, pouring forth her wrath
Hurling down rain and hail in rapid succession!
People were running back and forth
As pandemonium reigned without recession!

“Father, into Thy Hands I commit My Spirit.”
Jesus uttered with faltering breath.
“It is finished. The price is paid. We did it!!”
Then He hung His head in death.

The soldier, standing near the Righteous One
Fell on his face, with a heart-rending sob
“Oh dear Lord, what have we done?
This Man truly was the Son of God!!”

Heloise S Porthen


The Story of the Roman Soldier