How Deep is the Ocean?

Bridging the Chasm With a Cross

When You were just a little boy and saving scraps of woodTo make a slingshot, toy or boat like Joseph said You could,Were You aware of what a role that wood was bound to playIn bringing to fruition all God’s plans for You some day? Your father, as a carpenter, taught...

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Why Would God Do a Thing Like That?

A year of deprivation was the year of ’35.Our parents did the best they could, just so that we’d survive.Thick cardboard soles were in our shoes, our clothes were handed down;The Great Depression hit the world; it wasn’t just our town. Our daddy’s job was not enough...

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A Soldier’s Thanksgiving

Over there a soldier’s thinkingOf a time not long ago,When his loved ones got together;‘Twas Thanksgiving Day, you know. Over there a soldier’s dreamingOf a turkey baked just right,Mashed potatoes, golden gravy,Chestnut dressing, pure delight! Over there a soldier’s...

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Mariane Holbrook