A Ray of Light


I recently "discovered" a profound musical talent named Andrea Bocelli. As reality has it, Mr. Bocelli, an Italian born tenor who is said to have the voice of an angel, has been around for many years, and I don't know how his beautiful voice could have escaped my ears...

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Castor Oil

Decades ago, it was very common for mothers to give their children a daily spoonful of castor or cod liver oil because it was believed to keep people in good health. If you have never tasted castor oil, it is the worst fishy tasting substance you can imagine; enough...

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Wake Up!

As we are now a one-car couple, my husband recently woke me up very early to drop him off at work. With sand still in my eyes, brain fuzzy, and cup of coffee in hand, I shuttled us both off on what seemed like auto-pilot, kissed him on the cheek, and waved good-bye,...

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What’s God Ever Done for Me?

HTML "What has God ever done for me?" Grumbled an angry twenty-three year old man named Victor. "I mean, why should I believe this so-called God guy loves me as you say He does when He hasn't done anything to help me or my life?!""Oh?" Said his uncle sitting next to...

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Good Intentions

A lot of people wrongly believe that as long as their intention was meant for good, everything should be fine.Nearly twenty-two years ago, I too, had a good intention... that nearly caused the death of my first-born child. I had given birth to our son just days...

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Melanie Schurr