Winter Coyotes


I was seventeen or eighteen and living away from home for the first time. Like many eighteen year old males, I had a huge ego and thought way too highly of myself. I had just been laid off from my construction job, so I took a job with a company that owned and managed...

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The Crossing

I am not by nature a tremendously brave man and that means that I was not a tremendously brave teen. Oh, I have done my share of things that some people think either brave or stupid, but I am far from hero material. The only way across the gorge was a fallen tree that...

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With my heart pounding in my throat and my adrenaline on supercharge, I crawled out the door of the small Cessna airplane and balanced precariously on a small step. This was it, there was no going back. I spread my arms and legs out into the arch position and let...

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Flakes of Mica

We sat at a roadside pullout high in the mountains of British Columbia. We had stopped for breakfast about a half hour before and here on the mountaintop seemed to be the perfect place to do our morning devotions.Kathy grabbed a chair and her Bible and went off in one...

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Who Me? Obey?

Genni the wonder dog has been teaching me a few things about obedience. Not intentionally, because while she is not badly behaved, she is not particularly obedient either. Let me give you an example:Yesterday, Genni was in the back yard, barking at the neighbors' cat....

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Morning Rough Start

It has been a less than delightful morning so far. I overslept. That started things out of kilter. I had an appointment to take the van in for service and to put snow tires on. I rushed out the door to find several inches of fresh snow covering everything including...

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Wrong Bait

My friend and I were enjoying an evening's fishing at a local lake that boasts large trout. Now my friend is a devoted, fly fishing aficionado, bordering on the fanatical purist. On the other hand, I like fishing, but I fish to catch fish and am not so very particular...

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Kevin Corbin