An Attack

The Church of the Living Dead

In 1990 I ministered at a "full gospel" church. The people thought they were alive and moving with God. As I preached Sunday morning, I felt as if my words were being hurled back in my face. It was like preaching face-to-face with a brick wall. The atmosphere was...

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Lord, What Am I to Do?

Often we face situations that would paralyze us, rendering us unable to complete what God has set before us, if we did not have the mind of Christ. I faced one such challenge in Mexico.I was invited to Monterey, Mexico, for a citywide evangelistic meeting. It was only...

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Modern Day Pharisees

Years ago I was with another minister on an airplane. We met a Jewish woman who was very outgoing and witty. We got into an intense conversation with her about the Lord Jesus. We fired statements back and forth to one another, attempting to prove Jesus as the Messiah....

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Walk in Your Authority

In 1983 I left my career position as an engineer to enter the full-time ministry of helps for a very large church. In my position I served the pastor, his wife and all incoming guest ministers by taking care of menial tasks in order to free them up for the work God...

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John Bevere