An Attack

by | May 23, 2005 | Deliverance

I’m going to relate one of many incidents that confirms intimidation as a spirit. I was preaching a series of meetings at a church in the South. The first meeting was on a Sunday morning, and it was powerful. For years we used the tape of that service in one of our cassette series. After the service no one said anything intimidating or negative. In fact, the people around me were very positive. But later in the afternoon I found myself battling discouragement and confusion. I knew something was wrong but did not know where it was coming from. I had recognized these symptoms as the same I would fight when I came up against blatant intimidation. That night the Lord instructed me to preach on authority in the church, and many were ministered to.

After the service the pastor pulled me into his office. “You don’t know how on target you were tonight in what you preached,” he said. He proceeded to tell me how a female member of his church had called him that afternoon and said, “Pastor, I know you don’t agree with what this man is preaching. He is too hard on the people. I know you will shut the meetings down after tonight because you’re not like him. So I am not going to come tonight. I am going to stay home and pray against this man.”

I now knew exactly where all the discouragement was coming from. I asked the pastor if he had corrected her. He is a very merciful man and told me that he did not. He said he told her to leave it in the Lord’s hands. If this pastor had corrected her and stood in his authority I’m sure I would have had a different afternoon. What we do not confront will not change. If evil is ignored it becomes stronger! We both learned from that incident. The Lord used this experience to show me how to stay in my spiritual authority and not bow to a spirit of intimidation.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit who knew what was going on and had me confront that spirit from the pulpit – even though I did not know what was going on. The pastor knew, and it opened his eyes. Those meetings turned out to be some of the most powerful meetings of that entire year. I’ve returned to this church, and the pastor and I are now good friends.

Used with Permission. Bevere, John. Breaking Intidimation. Lake Mary: Charisma House, 1995, p. 87-88.


An Attack