I Hide My Face

Open My Eyes

Lord open my eyes that I may see,The hills all ablaze Your fire around me.May I comfort in knowing You've hedged up my way,And gain strength to endure yet another day.I'm weary oh Lord, I cry unto Thee!My burdens are heavy please lift them for me.I'll lay them right...

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Enlighten My Heart

Enlighten the eyes of my heart, that I may know.The hope to which I am called, You love me so! Your glorious riches and power are mine,Inherited through Your royal bloodline.   A child of the King, I am Calvary bought,My forgiveness, my mercy, my grace, I am wrought,...

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Herb of Grace

Symbol of repentance rue became,Down through the ages it was named"Herb of Grace."Holy water sprinkled from its leaves,Sins were washed away the sinner grievesTears on face.Jesus took my sins to Calvary's tree,Sacrificed Himself so I'd be free,He took my place.My sins...

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Twist of Fait

I'll never forget the day we finished my mother's wheelchair ramp. My mother had a history of congestive heart failure, diabetic neuropathy, and was becoming weaker every day. For means of transportation, it had now become necessary for her to begin using a...

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Morning Joy

The true testimony of Dot McGinnisI can't help but remember one of the most trying experiences of my life--my bout with severe mental depression. I once heard a woman on a Christian talk show describe her experience with mental illness by saying, "I've walked the...

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Dot McGinnis