Pushing a Pile of Leaves

Never Too Soon

"This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it." (Ps. 118:24 NKJV)It is closing in on my 54th birthday as I write this and I am reminded of a wonderful quote by the writer, Colette: “What a wonderful life I’ve had.  I only wish I’d realized it...

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It’s Going to be One of Those Days

Don't throw this day away.Don't give up on it before it even begins.You declare, "It's going to be one of those days!"And it is.Why? Because you will choose to see only those things that help you to prove your point.You woke up this morning and stubbed your toe on the...

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Laughter is Cheap Medicine

I know a couple who works in the pharmaceutical industry. He is a sales representative and she is a pharmacist. When asked what they do for a living, he is quick to reply, "She makes drugs and I sell `em."I believe it was Lord Byron who said, "Always laugh when you...

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The Green-Eyed Monster

Craving what others have blinds one to the riches they possess.Dad introduced me to him. He called him the green-eyed monster and warned me about the consequences of letting him catch me. To a young boy, the idea of a real monster was extremely frightening. I...

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Soul Shine

If you have ever driven in the mountains on a cool, Autumn morning then you know what FOG is. I was rounding a curve today and drove right into a sea of this fog. I quickly slowed down and turned on my low beam headlights. Seeing the road ahead was now a struggle. The...

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It happened to me again the other day. I was shopping for groceries in a local store getting stocked up for the next Winter storm that was coming. Apparently everyone else had that idea as well, because the store was far more crowded than usual. Every aisle I pushed...

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