A Christmas Miracle

The Pig Who Saved Christmas

My mom and I were poor when I was young. I remember once when my father gave her ten dollars(he owed thousands), she cried. She worked two jobs to support us and I sold donuts in the neighborhood (I made 25 cents for every box sold).We didn't have a car, but we had...

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Gift of Giving

Looking forward to Christmas 1995, to me, described a paradox. How can one enjoy Christmas when their loving spouse recently passed away from cancer, and yet Christmas is a time for celebration...I had a friend, recently divorced, who was going through his first...

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I See Jesus

(in loving memory of Sharon Cassady)My wife was terminally ill with cancer. We had just traveled the previous weekend to visit relatives and took a granddaughter with us. The trip was a success. Tuesday evening, I received a phone call, from the doctor."According to...

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A Clean Slate

Greg loved baseball. He was a decent ballplayer but realized his potential was maxed as a lower minor league player so he gave up his dream and settled for a 'normal' life working in a career in the programming field…where I met him. I was the systems manager at the...

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Be Like Angels

I stopped at Berryville, Arkansas on the way to Eureka Springs to grab a quick lunch and while there I noticed a lady wearing a pink blouse and with little hair. I assumed she was undergoing chemo treatment. She was talking loudly and seemed in good spirits but to me...

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From Nothing Comes Everything

I have three young children, two boys and one girl and every Easter I take three plastic eggs, two blue and one pink and put inside two hand-written notes. The first note is a prize, something like ‘I will take you to a movie’, the second is a special note from dad or...

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BJ Cassady