A Christmas Miracle

by | Dec 11, 2021 | Christmas, Miracles, Testimony

I first got my stepson when he was 13.  He could neither read nor write, and add to that, he had a terrible attitude. He smoked a pack a day, abused drugs, poured out filth from his mouth and hung around the worst kind of kids.  To get him to do anything like take out the trash required either bribery, threats or an act of God. His self-esteem was very low. He had terrible views of minorities.

What to do?  

I started to hug him every day and to tell him “I Love you”.  The results were amazing.  I came home from work to find him cleaning the house without being told.  He was in special education at high school by then and worked hard in his classes.  He made the Dean’s Honor Roll.  He graduated in the top third of his class. He still smoked, had bad language and abused drugs.  He made employee of the year at his job; but his habits or attitude got him, and he fell into a 30 spiral.  

I prayed for him.  I had churches pray for him.

I am praising God to report that for three years now he has not smoked, used drugs, speaks without using profanity.  He goes to church, and we discuss the bible on the phone a lot.  He has changed from the inside.  God reached him and touched his heart.  The journey was long, but it was worth it.  I give thanks and all the Glory to my Father in Heaven for saving my step-son.  The prodigal son has returned.

What Christmas miracle are you praying for this year? Keep on believing that God will come through. Keep on being His hands and feet. Keep on loving the way He loves!

BJ Cassady


A Christmas Miracle