The Pig Who Saved Christmas

Trust and Obey

Whenever I think I have a handle on life, my dogs teach me a new lesson on life and living. Sandi is part collie part mutt, but all heart, she is quite simply put, my dog. She follows me everywhere, sleeps with me, and is at the driveway when I arrive home.So what...

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The Master’s Leash

When I take my dog Katie for a walk, she used to pull on the chain very tightly. She longed to be off the leash. When I let her off the leash to run, she would not come back to me until she was tired, thirsty, and hungry. To me, the most important command to a dog is...

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Let go and Let God!

This story is tough to write about. It is personal. My mother and my aunt are at the core of this. However, at this time of the year, a story of forgiveness and reconciliation is of most importance.My mother and my favorite aunt (like a mother to me) had a...

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I Believe

I wanted to title this "I Believe in Miracles" but somehow it seemed redundant. If I believe, then I believe in miracles. First I should describe the situation. My Irish-Setter mix, Katie, the first dog of my three dog household, started to get ill this summer. My vet...

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Thanksgiving (2004 Edition)

I never cease to be amazed at the wonders in my life and this year has been no exception. Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Diana and I headed for Fairview, Oklahoma to spend the next two days with the Nunns(who run a dairy farm). They live about 12 miles outside of...

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Today a Soldier Comes Home

Last Thursday was like any other day for me. I got up and rushed around to get ready for work. I left about sunrise and started up the road from my house. The sight before me left tears in my eyes. On every fence post, every sign, and on bushes, trees and even weeds...

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BJ Cassady