Buried to Rise


It was a simple thought, but it held within it answers I've been searching for most of my life. I knew it to be true. You see, I say it all the time. Not in the same way. Not using the same words. Not in the same tone of voice. Yet, when I said it last night I felt...

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Our Inheritance

A few years ago, an aunt on my husband’s side, in England, very kindly left me a few thousand pounds in her Will. I was truly surprised because my husband had made his heavenward journey to the Lord, so there was no obligation to me on her part. However, I was...

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Peanut Butter and Crackers

Many years ago a young Dutchman saved and scrimped his money to buy a boat ticket to immigrate to Canada. All his life he had dreamed of going to North America, the Promised Land, to have freedom and to purchase land to start a farm. He didn't know much about...

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Looking for an Apartment

A few years ago, our daughter called from Columbia International University, telling us she wanted to transfer to the University of Tennessee, but she didn't want to live in the dorms. She wondered whether we would drive to Knoxville and find her an apartment near...

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